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Florida Museums

Titanic the experience - Orlando

Titanic The Experience

Become a passenger and travel back in time to 100 years ago, where authentic artifacts and interactive storytellers

World of Golf Hall of Fame

World Golf Hall of Fame

Learn about the history of golf, test your skill at many hands-on exhibits and immerse yourself in this wonderful game

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Short of becoming an astronaut, there’s no better way to get a glimpse of Kennedy Space Center than on the Kennedy Space Center Tour

Ringling Circus Museum

Ringling Museum

Ringling Museum of the Circus – Sarasota,FL Ringling Museum of the Circus Anyone who has ever dreamed of running away to join “The Greatest Show On Earth” can relive those dreams at the Ringling...

Hemingway Home Key West

Ernest Hemingway Home

This unique property was home to one of America’s most honored and respected authors

Edison Ford Estate Museum

Edison Ford Winter Estates

Visitors to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers will enjoy 20 acres of historical buildings, historic gardens, the Edison Botanic Research Lab and the Edison Ford Museum


Fantasy of Flight

Fantasy of Flight is home to over 40 rare and vintage aircraft, many of which have been restored to flyable condition.