Boca Grande Lighthouse The Lighthouse Museum offers a beautifully scenic historical tour describing the times of the region

Boca Grande Lighthouse

Florida Lighthouse

Boca Grande is an affluent community located on Florida’s west coast, known for its charming downtown, white sand beaches and world class tarpon fishing. It was also named one of the Best Coastal Small Towns by USA Today. Stroll the landmark Gasparilla Inn and Club, which was built in 1911 and has maintained its charm through authentic renovations. Take a boat ride out to the barrier reef island of Cayo Costa, where secluded beaches are abundant.

Boca Grande Lighthouse Sign

The Boca Grande Lighthouse is located at Gaspirilla Island State Park.  The Boca Grande Lighthouse Museum offers a beautifully scenic historical tour describing the times of the region.

Lighthouse Information

Active: Yes

Characteristics:  White light flashes every four seconds.
Height: 44 feet, 60 steps
DayMark: White frame dwelling with green shutters and a black lantern tower
History: Built 1890. First Lighted December 31, 1890. Deactivated 1966-1986. On National Register Listing.
Lens: Original: third-and-a-half-order revolving Fresnel lens. Present: 300mm drum lens. Focal Plane: 41 feet.
Construction: Architect and Builder unknown. House-style lighthouse on iron pilings constructed of wood and iron.
Other Buildings: Assistant keeper’s house, two cistern, generator shed, replica boardwalk.
     26 43 02 N
     82 15 39 W
Operated by: Florida State Park Service

Location: Barrier Islands Geo Park
Visit Status: Open to Public
Days Open: Wednesday through Sunday
Facilities: Museum, Gift Shop, handicap accessible
Hours Open: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Visitor Info: Closed during month of August. Grounds open with access through Barrier Islands Geo Park. A new museum in the lighthouse was opened on March 12, 1999.

Admission: $3.50 toll to get on Island plus $2.00 parking fee.

Boca Grande Lighthouse Museum
Sharon McKenzie, Museum Director
P.O. Box 637
Boca Grande, FL  33921