Carysfort Reef Lighthouse

Carysfort Reef lighthouse

carysfort-reef -lighthouse

Active: Yes

Characteristics: Three-group flashing white every 60-seconds with three red sectors.

Height: 112 feet

DayMark: Dark red octagonal, pyramidal skeletal tower enclosing stair cylinder and conical dwelling; black screwpile foundation.

History: Constructed in 1852. First lighted Mach 10, 1852. It is the oldest iron screwpile lighthouse still functioning in the US.On the National Register Listing.

Lens: Original: Eighteen patent lamps with 21-inch reflectors (1852); Winslow Lewis. Present: Vega VRB-25 rotating beacon; RACON. Focal Plane: 100 feet.

Construction: Architect: I.W.P. Lewis. Builders: Lt. George Gordon Meade. Merrick & Towne foundry in Philadelphua. Iron screwpile constructed of wrought iron.

25 13 18 N
80 12 42 W

Operated by: United States Coast Guard

Visit Status: Closed to public

Facilities: None, no handicap access

Visitor Info: Cannot be seen from land. Boats can be chartered out of Key Largo to go out to the light or from John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. The Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation has been formed to promote the establishment of a lighthouse museum and future access to the light.

Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 1517
Key West, FL 33041