Loggerhead Key Lighthouse


Loggerhead Key Lighthouse


Active: Yes

Characteristics: Flashing white light every twenty seconds.

Height: 157 feet, 204 steps

DayMark: Conical brick tower, lower half white, upper half black.

History: Constructed 1857-58. First Lighted July 1, 1858

Lens: Original: First-order Fresnel lens; L. Sautter 1858; Second-order bivalve lins; Henry-LePaute (circa 1910, removed in 1984). Present: DCB 24-inch rotating beacon. Focal Plane: 151 feet.

Construction: Builder: Under supervision of engineers at Fort Jefferson. Brick, conical tower constructed of brick with granite steps; iron.

Other Buildings: Former kitchen, 1926 dwelling, cisterns, attached oil house.

24 38 00 N
82 55 12 W

Operated by: United States Coast Guard

Visit Status: Grounds Only

Facilities: None, no handicap access, Gift Shop

Visitor Info: Grounds only, access by boat or sea plane from Key West. Periodically opened by park rangers.

National Park Service
Paul Taylor, Supervisory Ranger
P.O. Box 6208
Key West, FL 33041