Mayport Lighthouse

Mayport Lighthouse


Active: Yes

Characteristics: Four white flashes in twenty seconds.

Height: 64 feet, 71 steps

DayMark: White square tower on building

History: Constructed in 1954. First Lighted in 1954.

Lens: Original: A-61-A electric rotating beacon. Crouse-Hinds; 1954. Present: Vega VRB-25 rotating beacon, Vega Industries, 1998. Focal Plane: 80 feet.

Construction: Square masonry tower, reinforced concrete.

Other Buildings: 1950’s keeper’s dwelling.

30 23 06 N
81 23 54 W

Operated by: United States Navy

Visit Status: Grounds Only

Facilities: None, no handicap access

Visitor Info: Tower not open to public. Grounds can be viewed with access to the Mayport Naval Station.

Mayport Lighthouse Association, Inc.
4610 Ocean Street
Mayport Village, FL 32233