Sanibel Island Lighthouse

Sanibel Island Lighthouse



Active: Yes

Characteristics: Flashing white twice every six seconds.

Height: 112 feet, 101 steps

DayMark: Brown square pyramidal skeletal tower enclosing stair cylinder

History: Constructed 1884. First Lighted August 20, 1884. On National Register Listing.

Lens: Original: Third-order revolving Fresnel lens (1884-1923). Third-order fixed Fresnel lens (1923-1962). Present: 300mm lantern. Focal Plane: 98 feet.

Construction: Builder: Phoenix Ironworks. Iron skeletal tower constructed of concreat and iron pilings.

Other Buildings: Two elevated, wood-frame keeper’s dwellings (1884); brick oil storage house (1894).

26 27 11 N
82 00 51 W

Operated by: United States Coast Guard

Visit Status: Grounds Only

Facilities: Museum, Gift Shop

Visitor Info: The lighthouse is on the grounds of a city park. Lighthouse is closed, keepers’ dwellings are residences for city employees. Grounds only open.

Sanibel Historical Village & Museum
Charles LeBuff
910 Fitzhugh St.
Sanibel, FL 33957


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