Fantasy of Flight Lakeland, Florida Over 40 rare and vintage aircraft, many of which have been restored to flyable condition

Fantasy of Flight – Lakeland, Florida


On April 6, 2014, the attraction was closed to the public, though is still being maintained and is available for private events. On January 30, 2015, Fantasy of Flight opened a scaled-down museum attraction to display some of their aircraft to the public in the interim while the rest of the facility is upgraded and planned to reopen sometime between 2017 and 2020.

Fantasy of Flight is home to over 40 rare and vintage aircraft, many of which have been restored to flyable condition. But that is just the beginning.

We offer a variety of guided tours including visits to our working restoration and maintenance areas. You can take a spin on a state-of-the-art hang glide simulator in our interactive Fun with Flight center for families and climb on board a real B-17 Flying Fortress in a WWII bombing mission.

If you are looking for a real experience, real fun, and real takeaway – something the entire family can enjoy, Fantasy of Flight is An Attraction on a Higher Plane.

Ever wonder how we put old aircraft back together, or how we restore our aircraft to original condition, or if our aircraft really do fly? Well, wonder no more because Fantasy of Flight, World’s Greatest Aircraft Collection has activities all day long that let you experience the history of aviation at our authentic 1940’s airport village.

The Collection Is On Display

The stunning art deco facility is a perfect setting to display this priceless collection of rare vintage aircraft. Housed in three huge hangars are over 40 airplanes, many of which are restored to original flying condition.  Visitors can actually board our Short Sunderland, the last airworthy flying boat and have a close encounter with the only B-26 Marauder still flying in the world.  Other notable aircraft include a B-24 Liberator, a Curtiss TP40 and two P51 Mustangs.


B-17 Walk-Through

Climb aboard an authentic B-17 Flying Fortress and feel the excitement and tension of a World War II bombing mission.


Real Restoration Tours

Daily Tours have been expanded to include restoration areas previously not available to guests. From the earliest wood and fabric creations conceived by the Wright Brothers to the sheet metal expertise of the Rosie the Rivoters of WWII, you will experience an insider view of what it takes to restore priceless aircraft to flyable condition.


Tram Tour

All aboard for a Tour of the Restricted Areas which are otherwise off limits to guests.  This guided Tour includes an overview of the grounds including the grass Runways of our private airfield with stops along our Backlot and a visit to a real working Maintenance hangar where the Collection is repaired and maintained.

Aerial Demonstrations

(weather permitting)
A unique opportunity to see rare, vintage aircraft in flight and to speak with one of our expert pilots.  Owner Kermit Weeks performs many of these demonstrations personally and is available to share his extensive knowledge of the aircraft in his collection.


They Dared To Fly

Be inspired by the courage of the Tuskegee Airmen, who overcame extreme odds with dignity, honor and valor.  Their compelling story is brought to life in this multi-media exhibit featuring interviews with the original airmen and complemented by a meticulously restored P51C Mustang – arguably the finest Mustang flying today. 

A Passionate Pursuit

Learn about WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) through a multi-media tribute honoring this spirited squadron who left their homes and families at the height of the World War II to serve as the first American women to fly for the U.S. Military.


Experience Fun with Flight

Visitors from eight to eighty enjoy this hands-on, interactive area which introduces the basics of flight through a variety of unique experience stations.  From designing and testing paper airplane creations to piloting a state of the art hang glide simulator, the entire family can have Fun with Flight.