Fun Spot Action Theme Park - Orlando, Florida Family fun amusement park with multi-level Go-Kart tracks, thrill rides and arcades

Fun Spot Action Theme Park – Orlando, Florida


Fun Spot is a family fun amusement park with four multi-level Go-Kart tracks, thrill rides, family rides, rides for pre-schoolers and 120 arcade games! Free Admission – Free Parking. Pay per ride or pay per day. Located on 5 acres just off International Drive. It was named “Best Budget Attraction” by the Orlando Sentinel for 5 years. Free light show on our 100 foot Ferris Wheel. Open 10 a.m. to midnight seasonally.

There is fun for the whole family located in the tourist corridor of Hwy 192, near Disney World. They have 4 go-kart tracks, 2 speed tracks and 2 multi-level tracks that reach 45 feet in the air. In addition, they have the world’s tallest SkyCoaster at 300 feet. It’s part sky-diving, part hang-gliding, all Thrills. Add  in the terrifying Hot Seat ride, the Screamer, a Paratrooper ride and the Rockstar spinning Coaster for some extreme coaster fun. 

Fun Spot America Theme Parks and Gatorland have partnered to create Gator Spot. When you visit the 15,000-square-foot park you will see alligators of varying sizes, including a habitat for a leucistic alligator, a white gator with blue eyes. Inside the park you can take photos and feed the alligators. The attraction also features exotic birds, snakes, lizards and aquariums.

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Multi-Level Go-Kart Tracks

You “drive the ride” on our unique, patented, multi-level concrete Go-Kart tracks that are open rain or shine!

Experience our one of a kind Multi-Level Track!
Commander – This GREEN multi-story track is our longest yet, great for all sizes. Children 36”– 45” must be accompanied by an adult.

Quad-Helix – This YELLOW four story track is famous for its helixes. Children 36”– 45” must be accompanied by an adult.

Conquest – This BLUE three layer tack give’s you Orlando’s only “ski jump” as you crest the 30 foot hill. Children 36”– 45” must be accompanied by an adult.

Thrasher – This RED flat track is a slick track that you can slide on through hairpin turns and curves that double back.


Thrill Rides

All your favorites are here from the 100 foot “Revolver” Ferris wheel to the heart-stopping Paratrooper!

Paratrooper – Get lifted forwards and backwards on this ride that takes around. Must be 46” to ride.

Scrambler – Spins you backwards, inward and outward. Can you just remember which spin is when? Must be 46” to ride.

Rip Curl – Experience our Himalaya and hold on tight, as you take part on this musical ride. Must be 48” to ride.

Enterprise – Experience this sideways Ferris Wheel as it takes you on a somersault of adventure. Must be 54” to ride.

White Lightning – Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster! Expands over 2,000 ft and features a unique 90 degree turn! Must be 48” to ride.

SkyCoaster – A cross between skydiving and paragliding. Must be 42” to ride. (Separate Ticketed Item)

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Kid Spot

The Kid spot has a great selection of classic pre-school rides to keep all the youngsters happy!

Area is designated for those only 24”– 36”

El Paso Train – Come ride the little train that is rolling down the tracks to Fun Spot.

Froghopper – It takes you up and a little bounce down, and then another and another. Must be 36” to ride.

Happy Swing – Just sit right back and smile as you swing a breeze over you.

Scooby-Boo – Bounce, jump, slide and scream as you join Shaggy and Scooby in this mini House of Fun.

Super Trucks – Drive in that big payload good buddy and honk that horn.

Swirling Swing – Great beginner swing. A gentle lift for the kids.

Tea Cups – Picture perfect time on the original “Sit and Spin.” Must be 32” to ride.

Cadet Track– Take the wheel for this beginner go-kart track.

Kiddie Coaster – Little ones can enjoy their size of fun on this coaster. Must be 36” to ride.

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Quarter Classic Arcade

Enjoy Classic Arcade games and newer Video Games all day for only $.25 a play in our upstairs arcade. Bringing back the the days of quarter games.

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Winners Circle Arcade

With 10,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art video and arcade games.