WonderWorks Orlando


WonderWorks Orlando has 100+ interactive exhibits, Lazer-Tag, 4-D motion ride, a 3 Story indoor ropes course, and is a must see top tourist attraction.

WonderWorks Orlando began as a Top Secret research laboratory on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle. As legend has it, the world’s greatest scientists – led by Professor Wonder – were given the task of creating a man-made tornado and harnessing the POWER of it. During this experiment, something went awry and the power of the tornado was unleashed throughout the laboratory. This created a swirling vortex that was strong enough to rip the laboratory from its foundation. It was carried thousands of miles away and landed upside-down on the top of a brick warehouse in Orlando, Florida. Remarkably, all of the experiments remained intact and functional.
When you enter the building, everything will be upside-down, so in order to participate in the fun, you must be inverted. Step inside the inversion tunnel and be turned right side up to begin your journey. Once you are properly aligned for your adventure, family fun awaits with more than 100 hands on exhibits. Make WonderWorks a stop on your Things to Do list when visiting Orlando.

Inversion Tunnel
Defy Gravity!!! As you approach WonderWorks, it is obvious that the building landed upside-down. Professor Wonder and his staff of Brilliant Scientists invented the Inversion tunnel to realign and invert your orientation so that you can defy gravity and play with all the exhibits and experiments.
Disaster Zone
One of history’s most renowned events, the 1989 San Francisco earthquake stopped baseball’s World Series and collapsed a freeway. It is recreated in the laboratory. Guests will feel for themselves what an earthquake that measures 5.3 on the Richter scale actually feels like. Then enter the Hurricane Hole and be blown away by 71mph winds.
Light and Sound Zone
Sit back and let your mind travel to another place in our Sound Lab where you will experience 3D sound. Then, move on to strike a pose and leave your shadow behind. Play Virtual Air Hockey, Dance to the colors of light in Recollections and stomp kick and use your feet to play in the Foot Motion Dome.

Space Zone
Explore your way through the depths of outer space in the Space Zone. Explore the life size replica of an Astronaut Space Suit and Mercury Capsule. For a memorable souvenir, you can take your picture inside these phenomenal pieces of history.

Bed of Nails
Feel the sensation of 3,500 SHARP nails rise up from under you while lying on this bed of nails. Any good scientist knows pressure is the application of force over a certain area. The area of a single nail is VERY small; this is why if you step on one nail, it will easily break your skin. Your foot puts a large amount of force on a small area – the nail. On the bed of nails you learn why you can be lifted up by 3,500 nails without feeling the pressure of them.

Velocity Ball

Have you ever thought what it would be like to be on the mound and stare down a Major League Baseball player at the plate? Now you’ve got your chance with WonderWorks™ Velocity Ball. Select a player to pitch to from Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, Sammie Sosa, or Barry Bonds. Take your windup and throw a pitch. Then hear Ball, Strike, Home Run as the speed of your ball is displayed on the screen. “Batter Up!”

Explore the latest in virtual reality as you design the roller coaster you’ve always wanted to ride but couldn’t find at any fair or amusement parks, then ride it! The Wonder Simulator has the ability to turn 360° in every direction. If you prefer not to be flipped upside –down, explore the ocean in a virtual submarine adventure.
◦Must be 42″ tall with chaperone, 48″ without
◦250lb weight limit

Bubble Lab
Kids of all ages (1-101) love bubbles! This exhibit is just for the fun of it! Put yourself inside a gigantic bubble that you created! Bubbles do not have their own color. They reflect and refract the light around the bubble. The colors you see on a bubble actually show the thickness (or thinness) of the bubble wall.

Mind Ball
A challenging bio feedback game for two based on EEG technology. Players will wear a headband with electrodes and relax their minds in order to use their brain waves and move the ball across the table to the opposing side. Mindball is a game that goes against the conventional competitive concept. Instead of activity and adrenaline, Mindball relies on calmness to measure participants’ success. The most relaxed player wins! The same technology is used as a training tool for cadets at The United States Military Academy at West Point. Officers are not only trained to be alert but also to control their thought process and remain calm in high-pressure situations.

Far Out Illusion Gallery
Enter a new dimension of reality and explore the unknown. Discover how perception and perspective are used to help you look at the world in a WHOLE NEW way. Throughout the Far Out Illusion Gallery in WonderWorks, the unexplainable will come to life and unusual will be the norm.

How Cold Is It?
In this exhibit, feel the icy cold water as it was the night the Titanic sank. How long can you keep your hand in the water once the timer begins?